Welcome to Pointer Games, home of Splodey!

Splodey! is for casual gamers

Played with just one finger!

Very easy to learn... and addictive.

Enjoyable for kids and adults.

Scoreloop-powered internet scoring to compete with friends and family.

A true bargain at $0.99... what do you have to lose?

How To Play

Launch balls by sliding your finger over the screen.

Balls "splode" (explode) blocks of the same color.

Shake your phone to energize the balls.

Tilt your phone to steer the balls.

Earn power-ups to rack up high scores!

Major Features

Full featured 2D graphics engine.

Music, sound and haptic feedback effects.

20 distinct levels... which repeat with increasing difficulty.

Classical art and music tracks.

Configuration options (for instance, "no sound").

Local and global (internet) high scores.


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